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Bill Bronson

Art helped my wife and me obtain long term care insurance coverage. Art knows what he's doing and makes the process relatively painless. Bill Bronson The Bronson Law Firm, P.C.

Mike M, New York

I recently purchased Long Term Care coverage through Art Neibrief.  He was knowledgeable, pleasant and very thorough.  He also made negotiating this maze fairly easy.  Art is a detail oriented person and oversees the whole process from beginning to end.  I would highly recommend him to anyone considering Long Term Care coverage.

Debbie, Texas

I had no experience with LTC coverage and Art was so great in educating me on the various options. He helped me select a plan that I feel very good about, and it's great to get this decision made and coverage accomplished that I had procrastinated about for years. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone considering this insurance. Thank you, Art!

Virginia E. CA

A friend referred me to Art Neibrief because she felt he is very knowledgeable and a striaght-talker.  After speaking with Art, I would agree. I needed someone to help me with my LTC policy that I purchased in 2003.  My original agent is no longer available. My existing policy has lifetime benefits and inflation protection and the premiums have increased in recent years.  With the rate increase notices I have been offered options to reduce premiums. Art helped me understand the impact of the options offered based on my age, financial situation and physical health. I can now make an educated decision based upon his advice.  Although I offered to do so, Art would not accept a consultation fee for his advice.  I would not hesitate to recommend Art to anyone considering purchasing LTC insurance.

Joseph W.

I just want to say "Thank you Art for this great website." I found a solution here on artforltc.com for my issue.

MaryEllen and Dennis H., WA

Art shared his computer screen with my husband and me via a link at his website.  He showed and explained in great detail the specifics of long term care insurance.  We were so impressed with his knowledge and information that we applied with the company he recommended. Thereafter, the records from my physician were sent to the insurance company stating an incorrect height, making my BMI too high for approval. Art guided me through the best way to solve this problem, which included me having to visit my physician and obtain written clarification.  I sent this to Art and he forwarded it directly to the underwriter.  He never gave up until I was approved. Thank you Art!

Larry, WA

I called Art about a buying a long term care policy to avoid having to pay Washington State's upcoming tax. I told him that I already had a life insurance policy with a long term care feature. Art showed me how to verify that my existing policy met the state requirement to avoid paying the WA tax, and therefore there was no need for him to help me get a new policy.  Before speaking with Art, I spoke with a representative of the company I had bought my policy from and they weren't even sure about this issue.  So, if you want someone you can trust to give you the straight story, Art is your man.

Michael S. Bellevue, WA

Arthur Neibrief gets the job done. My wife and I have medical challenges that we thought would preclude us from getting LTC to protect our assets. Art patiently educated us on our alternatives and different flavors of LTC insurance, including lifetime coverage and LTC coverage that is part of our state's Partnership program. As we gradually moved along he utilized his software to quote a number of LTC coverage companies and used his technical skills to track down the policies that would benefit us the most with the least cost. This included comparing companies he does represent to companies he does not represent in his brokerage. He somehow got us a lifetime benefits, hybrid LTC policy that combined an annuity deposit with a yearly premium that goes away after a number of years. You will not be wasting your time or feel sales pressured in reaching out to Art.

Ed F., Texas

As a mortgage lender and sales leader for a regional bank, I have worked with many outstanding sales professionals.  Art Neibrief brought to my situation the skills of an experienced pro.  He was detailed with the numbers, which I wanted.  He was courteous but persistent with his follow up, which I needed. Art helped me get insurance coverage despite the fact that I was initially declined.  He helped to achieve my ultimate approval by understanding my health details and then working to provide a more complete set of facts to the Underwriter. His help was timely and critical to my case and was very much appreciated.

Tom B, New Jersey

My life is better because of Arthur Neibrief.  When I applied for long term care insurance, Art walked me through the process every step of the way, and I am so grateful for his help.  I recommend Art to anyone and everyone.  Thanks Art!

Ed S.; Los Angeles

We obtained LTC coverage through Art Neibrief in 1999 when my wife and I were age 61 and 63.  Several weeks ago I received a notice that my wife's premium was increasing.  So, we called Art to discuss our options.  Since the benefits had been growing with a 5% compound inflation rider they had more than doubled over the last 20 years.  Art pointed this out and he inquired about our overall financial situation.  Based upon what I told him, he suggested dropping the inflation rider to lower the premium.  He then made a conference call with the company, I requested the change Art recommended and it reduced my wife's premium. 
About 10 days later Art called to follow up, asking if I had received paperwork evidencing the change.  He also asked about my health and my wife's health.  It was at this time that I first told Art about my wife's difficulty recovering from hip surgery performed two months earlier.  He asked me who was providing care for my wife and I told him that I had been her sole caregiver.  Art also asked about my wife's cognitive abilities, and I told him they had been diminishing and she had recently been put on medication for that.  Art then reminded me of the reasons we had obtained this coverage in the first place, that in his opinion my wife was eligible for benefits for both the physical and the mental benefit trigger, and that only one of the two reasons was needed for my wife to receive insurance benefits.  So, that same day he created a conference call with the company and I initiated a claim for my wife. 
Then, Art created another conference call with the company's billing department to add back in my wife's inflation rider.  He explained that by doing so my wife's benefits would continue to grow each year as they had been, and that the premium would cease anyway once she actually went on claim. 
Art has stayed involved to monitor my wife's claim.  He also recommended a nearby care agency with a good reputation, and after reaching out to this agency they responded the same day. 
I could not be happier with Art Neibrief over the last 20 years, both as an agent and as a knowledgeable and caring individual who was always responsive to our questions.  Furthermore, I do not know what I would have done in the last several weeks had Art not been so greatly involved.  Ed S.,Los Angeles

Dea G., New York

Art makes the vagaries of applying for long term care insurance easier to manage and understand. He worked with me to navigate a number of challenges posed by my complicated health history. He communicated on a daily basis and walked me through each step of the process. He tried hard to get the job done within a short window of time to ensure a tax deduction. While the process was not effortless, his self-effacing manner and sense of humor made it almost fun (well maybe not fun but certainly interesting). I am happy I found Art and can now eliminate one worry in life. Thank you Art!

Jacob G. Petaluma California

I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and along side Art for the last several years locally in Petaluma California. Art frequently impresses on those he works with, his dedication to his craft and the respect and trust he engenders from his clients.

Cheryl Kammerzell

Art contacted me within hours of an online request for information about long term care. He provided me with basic information to review via online on video and downloadable print materials I could share with my husband. His presentation was informational without being “pushy” or giving me the feeling I needed to make an instant decision. Once we had decided to move forward, we worked with Art via an online workshop where we could view the information at the same time we were talking and got a clear idea of the options available, the companies providing the options, and the options specific to our state. Art was attentive to our needs, followed through on any requests, and made sure any questions were promptly answered. We have been very pleased with the process and Art’s help. We feel he will be there to answer questions that may arise in the future. Thank you.

Linda B

In my search for a long term care policy, several companies had declined to issue a policy to me due to some asthma related health issues. Art went to bat for me, going above and beyond to find a top rated company that was willing to issue a policy. Thanks Art for your excellent service ! Art was very helpful and professional. He answered all my questions and assisted me through the health care registration process.

Gregg Semanick

Art’s experience and honesty saved me a great deal of money and from making a mistake in 2014. Based upon my good health and health history, Art recommended a particular company and policy with cost/benefit features that he considered to be the best fit for me. He steered me away from another policy that I had been considering for myself. Art’s analysis of what was available, based upon my health and rate class turned out to be correct. He helped me get a policy from a highly rated and well-known company that gave me more for my money than I would have gotten without his help. Art took the time to look at issues and policy specifics that I would have never considered. Art has remained available to me since my policy was issued in 2014, and I regularly recommend him to people I know who are interested in long term care insurance coverage.

Rhonda Ahrens

My husband and I have no children and were concerned about the financial burden of long term care if it was necessary in the future. We feel so lucky to have found our agent, Art Neibrief. He asked us a lot of questions about our lifestyle, needs, expectations, and more, and with this information narrowed down the best options for our particular situation. We were so surprised to hear about the unknown limitations of some of the common plans, and were happy with his suggestion and explanation of the product we eventually bought. His years of experience obviously give him an edge; he clearly has vast knowledge of all products in the marketplace. We ended up with a product that was not available from any other company, that fit our specific needs, and gives us a sense of comfort that we’ll be fully taken care. Our plan allows lifetime care, whereas other plans had substantial limitations. Plus, if we ever change our mind, the product only increases in value. Other than some minor expense deductions, we would be able to get a full refund at any time we choose. Nothing to lose! Thanks Art!

Mary Çastner-Comer

Mr. Neibrief although based in California, is a licensed insurance agent in my State-New York State. Arthur is very knowledgeable in Long Term Care Insurance and I recommend his services for those looking to both sign up for Long Term Care Insurance or to find out more about it.

Steven Scala

Arthur Neibrief was very helpful in helping me learn about Long Term Insurance. We went over my situation and while on the phone and on the computer (with web chatting and me being in New York and Art in California) we found a policy that meets my needs. I learned a lot from Mr. Niebrief who was very professional and easy to work with.

Joe L.

My wife and I took out long term care insurance with Art as our agent almost 20 years ago. Two years later, the company introduced its next version of coverage and Art showed us that the newer policies would save us money due to a higher couple’s discount, and we would also receive a premium discount for having already been insured. So, for a lower premium we switched into the newer version of coverage. Furthermore, our policies have lifetime benefits which are no longer available. We are now considering selling our home and moving to a community with on-site assisted living. On a recent tour of one, their marketing manager asked us if we had long term care insurance. We told her about our lifetime coverage and the name of the insurance company. She replied by saying, “those are like gold, you can’t get them anymore.” Art has maintained contact with us over the years, and he makes sure that we understand our benefits and the eligibility provisions. In fact, my recovery from a surgery later this year will make me eligible to receive benefits. When I told Art about my pending surgery, he said he will be available to make my claim process go as easy as possible. Two years ago, my daughter consulted with Art and he helped her obtain a life insurance policy with long term care features which fit her needs and her budget. Art is a consummate professional who has kept up with industry changes in an ever-changing field, and he puts his client’s interests first. I highly recommend Art to anyone who wants to know the ins and outs of long term care insurance. Joe L. in N. California

Maggy Duran

The service and the valuable information I received from Mr. Nebrief has been nothing but stellar. He is an excellent communicator, and didn’t use the typical email or skype method to demonstrate what my potential policy would look like. Mr. Neibrief conducted a Webinar, and while I was filling out the electronic application, he showed me various graphs and price points as well as the various coverage levels. I was quite impressed! He was extremely patient, never hounding me for an answer. He gets it. He knows that I’m busy, and didn’t push any products, but he catered to MY schedule. Well, I finally submitted my application, went through the medical exam process, and Mr. Neibrief stayed in touch throughout the entire process. When I received my policy, he asked me to call him when I was ready to sit down and review everything before cutting a check. I love that! No deadlines, no pushy salesman tactics. What a relief! I have peace of mind now that I have Long Term Care Insurance. Folks, life throws curveballs at you all the time. You need an insurance agent and a company you can trust. Mr. Nebrief has his customers’ best interest in mind.

Mike & Mary; Oregon

We chose a wonderful LTC policy that fits us very well for our future. Art is one of the nicest, kindest and most efficient professionals we have met in a long time. He worked with us for some time and after much effort he provided us with a good product and a friendship as well. Besides, he has a very charming sense of humor which put us at ease right away. Thank you so much Art.

Lynne and Tony

After realizing that my husband and I would eventually need Long Term Care Insurance, I began my search for an agent to help us. Thankfully, we found Arthur Neibrief, JD, CLTC. He helped us navigate through the maze of companies, options, costs and payment plans. He was very knowledgeable and offered suggestions without pressure. He followed through on every call, every question and all forms with great patience. My husband had a small glitch in the paperwork and Art was able to direct us to the proper method of resolving it, to our great satisfaction. We would highly recommend Art to anyone looking for Long Term Care insurance options and policies. Lynne and Tony F. (New York)

Enid Friedman

What a pleasure it was to deal with Art Neibrief! I had contacted Art some time ago but kept putting off LTC insurance until my financial advisor told me it was something I should definitely have. Firstly, Art was flexible working around my university teaching schedule, allowing us online phone appointments at convenient times of the evening. He was extremely patient with my laundry list of questions going through everything I needed to know while walking me through various policies online. Having several joint replacements due to years of competitive sports, Art was able to get me a perfect, affordable plan while advocating for me due to my healthy lifestyle. I couldn't be more pleased with the policy he got for me and he was even able to get me the best rate available! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for LTC! He even sent me a congratulations letter with my packet!

Kim and Scott H, Olympia WA

Thank you, Art for calmly and patiently walking me step by step through the application process and then an appeal process, which resulted in me and my husband obtaining long term care insurance at a rate that we could afford. Your assistance was invaluable! Right now we are lending significant assistance to my parents, who do not have this insurance. Knowing that we have this as a resource brings us greater peace of mind as we approach our own retirement years. Thank you again. We highly recommend your services and wish you the best.

Dennis L.;1733 Washington

My wife and I just got approved for long term care insurance, and with insurability issues it was a long journey.  Art's help and guidance that got us there.  Navigating through any kind of insurance is not our area of expertise, but with Art's assistance it was much more understandable.  His knowledge of this particular insurance was invaluable, and he guided us through a sometimes confusing process.  We never felt he was pointing us to anything we couldn't afford or didn't need. Art was always professional and patient with our questions, of which we had many. We wouldn't hesitate to refer him to anyone looking for this type of insurance.

Evelyn S.; New York

I had been putting off getting a policy, but I realized that I did not want to be a burden to my children and so I thought it was time to get started!  My inquiry through my teachers' union was assigned to Art Neibrief.  When Art phoned in response to my inquiry he was extremely knowledgeable, sensitive to my concerns, and very helpful in filling out the many pages together with me online. It was a great experience completing everything online. Technology is wondrous.  It was easy and quick. Art worked with me and explained all the possible policies including their pros and cons, as well as what would best suit my needs.  He was kind, patient and very thorough, as I had many questions and needed him to reexplain some of the various options.  Art followed up with me throughout the underwriting period and even contacted me to congratulate me when I was approved.  He went above and beyond my expectations!  I would highly recommend Art Neibrief to anyone considering a long term care policy, and I have already given his name to several friends of mine.

Karen and Joe R; Illinois

Art Neibrief was very knowledgeable about long term care insurance, and he was able to assess the situation of our current policies quickly and accurately. He advised us that continuing with our current policies was indeed the most sensible and economical choice. The fact that Art's advice did not result in him selling us any new coverage is a testament to his professional integrity.

Marsha Harris, CRS, GRI, SRES

Art gave a wonderful presentation at my office this week. His knowledge, vast experience and expertise with LTC insurance certainly came through. I appreciated how he took time to go over some statistics and industry changes in recent years. He was very personable and everyone felt comfortable asking questions and joining in the discussion. Art helped me personally years ago obtain a great policy, and his presentation was very helpful for my own clients.

Viki S., Santa Rosa

Art's presentation was energetic and informative and he engaged his audience. He gave his full attention when asked a question and made sure the individual was satisfied with his response. I thought I knew a lot about long term care insurance, but attending gave me some additional education on the topic. It is obvious that Art cares deeply about people having a plan, about long term care, and about providing as much information as his audience wants. It was a pleasure to host him and work with him.

Mary B, New Jersey

Art helped me to understand the value of long term care insurance, which I needed to obtain for my own peace of mind.  Being a nurse for 50 years, I know the reality that people can lose their independence.  
Art made it easy to understand the coverage and how to apply for it.  His thorough explanation helped me to decide what I needed, and he was very patient with answering all my questions.  Although I never met Art in person, it was easy for me to understand everything with his computer screen sharing of the information, while we were on the phone.
Because of his patience, expertise, communicative abilities and follow through, I would recommend Art Neibrief to anyone interested in learning about long term care insurance and getting the coverage.

Jerry Danzig

With Art's guidance, my wife and I took out Long Term Care policies. Art is personable, knowledgeable and artful in his explanation to any inquiry. I am glad he is our agent.

James Price

I am glad to have gotten LTC insurance from Art in 1999. The benefits have grown with the inflation rider, and health changes do not affect my renewability. After my recent re-marriage, Art helped my wife Maria get a policy. We worked with him for Maria's policy because of his thorough and patient explanation of the various moving parts of the insurance. He gave clarity to things which seemed unclear, and he made sure that we understood everything before taking the application. In fact, those are the reasons why we recommend Art to our friends.

Ted Goldberg

Recently, I decided to explore long term health care. As a lawyer, I take pride in my ability to analyze and solve problems. However, the universe of long term health care is a big challenge in many aspects, including what coverage is best and from whom it should be purchased, not to mention the fundamental question of need. Because of the considerable expertise Art has developed over many years, he was able to help me meet that challenge, and arrive at the best decision for me. Art's patience and considerable knowledge were indispensable, and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to understand this type of insurance.

Aaron Sisk, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

As a financial advisor with a major wirehouse, I have worked with Art in his capacity as a Long Term Care Specialist. Art gives attention to detail and has an innate ability to simplify LTC insurance for clients. He has done seminar presentations for both clients and prospects, and his professionalism, passion and integrity were always evident. Art is a class-act, and he made a profound difference in my practice.

Stephen L. Smith, Sr. Financial Advisor and VP

As a Senior Financial Advisor and VP of a major wirehouse, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Art in his capacity as a Long Term Care Planning Specialist. Art engages with advisors and clients in a "user friendly" manner. He conducts himself in a professional manner with a serious, but also a pleasant demeanor. He has been reliable and responsive, and he goes out of his way to assure that all questions have been answered, leaving no stone unturned.

Frederick J. Yeager, Sr. VP; major wirehouse

Art is one of the finest product representatives I've met in my 40 plus years in the investment business. His product knowledge is excellent, and his conscientious preparation for and follow through on seminars helped my team not only sell the product but build relationships. Art's values and personal standards, although not flaunted, were clearly evident in the way he conducted his business.
We obtained LTC coverage through Art Neibrief in 1999 when my wife and I were age 61 and 63.  Several weeks ago I received a notice that my wife's premium was increasing.  So, we called Art to… Read More

Ed S.; Los Angeles

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